Ассоциация Производителей Энергоэффективных Окон
Ассоциация Производителей Энергоэффективных Окон



Non-profit organization - Russian Energy Efficient Window Manufacturers Association (APROK) established in 1997.

APROK is a member of an European "EUROWINDOOR" organization since 2002.

The Association is established to render an assistance to energy efficient windows and facades manufacturers in their activities, in coordination of efforts and mutual solving of problems which every manufacturer faces separately in modern conditions.

The manufacturers of all main types of modern window frames and components for window frames production are represented among the establishers of the APROK.

The aim of establishing of the Association is coordination of energy efficient windows and facades manufacturers' activity for expansion of use of modern window constructions in building project of the Russian Federation and reduction of energy consumption and costs of building maintenance.

The main goals of the Association are:

  • assistance for the Association members in development and industrial introduction of projects of use of modern window frames for both construction and ventilation of the existing buildings in the region;

  • development and realization of programs (including share participation of the members of the Association) in creation and introduction of energy efficient window frames for fulfillment of activities in reconstruction, modernization and capital repairs of buildings;

  • assistance for the members of the Association in designing and modernization of the production base with the aim of transfer to the production of energy efficient window frames;

  • cooperation with the regional and city administrations regarding meeting the demands of enterprises, firms and building companies in modem window frames and regarding introduction of technology of their production;

  • participation in financing and coordination of scientific research and design activities in development, production and industrial introduction of modern efficient windows and facades with the help of scientific and technical council of the Association;

  • assistance in having tests in a fixed order by the members of the Association and certification of the products produced;

  • assistance in establishing of international relations with the manufacturers of similar products abroad;

  • participation in holding tender commissions for state orders in the field of construction and reconstruction of window frames;

  • organization of exhibitions, symposiums, seminars and advertising companies in accordance with the Association activities;

  • participation in holding investment contests;

  • legal assistance to the members of the Association;

  • creation of information and consulting center for implementation of the latest achievements in windows and frames in the construction in Russia and CIS;

  • creation of scientific, methodical and vocational center, permanent exhibition of the latest achievements in the field of energy efficient window frames.

The members of APROK are manufacturers of high-quality and highly efficient products. This is one of the main requirements for being a member of an Association.

Among the members of APROK are the following well-known companies: "AGRISOVGAZ", "Aquarius Systems Industry", "Anthers", "BAMO-stroymaterialy", "BAMO-FLOAT-GLASS", "VELUX Russia", "Eurookna", "Zhilischnoye hozyaistvo", "Architecture Glass Plant", "КВЕ-windows technologies", "Reynaers", "Russkaya Okonnaya Manufaktura", "SAZI", "Samara Window Constructions", "Simbirskiye okna", "Stroyplast-KMK", "HOBBIT", "ALVI", "ЗМ Russia", "OKNA ROSTA", "Global Shield" and many others.

There are several branches which are created by the association:

  • "APROK-TEST" - Research and testing lab, makes calculations, certifies production.

  • "APROK-INFOCENTER" - Information center that makes the Database of Russian companies working on windows market, gives statistical and other fenestration information, organizes the conferences, exhibitions and seminars. "APROK-INFOCENTER" also helps the "APROK" on public relations field.

COOPERATION main points of АПРОК's cooperation

Federal Agency for Constructions and Housing Reform (GOSSTROY) of Russian Federation

Federal Certification Center (FCS) and Regional Centers

Research Institutes and Project Bureaus

Russian Unions and related Associations


Department of Energy (DOE), USA

Foreign research Institutes and testing Facilities

ift, Rosenheim

President's Administration


Companies, working on Russian Market

Parliament of Russian Federation

Administrations of regions

Moscow research and technologies Committee (МKNT)

Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences (RAASN)

Union of the Russian Architects

Colleges and Universities

Public Relations

Exhibition Companies

CCMSA - China Construction Metal Structure Association

APROK is a co-organizer of following forthcoming specialized exhibitions:

February, 4-6, 2004
International Trade Fair Window & Facade
Moscow, Sport-Exhibition building "Luzhniki"
"Central European Exhibitions"
phone: 007 095 788 65 53, phone/fax: 007 095 788 65 54
e-mail: frontale@frontale.ru
During the exhibition "WINDOWS AND FACADES, RUSSIA"
will be held International conference
(Moscow, President Hotel, February, 3-4, 2004)

2. Windows&Doors
"Glass in Building"
Moscow, "Olimpiyskiy"
April, 5-8, 2004
on an exhibition Russia Building Week (Mosbuild-Batimat),
phone: 007 095 935-7350
fax: 007 095 935-7351
e-mail: wd@ite-expo.ru

3. Mir Stekla
Moscow, Exhibition Complex "Expocenter" on Krasnaya Presnya st.
June, 7-11, 2004
International glass, equipment and tools exhibition
(every year)
Union of Architects, Russian Federation
phone: 007 095 291 86 60
e-mail: mirstekla@bk.ru

4. International Workshop
"Energy Efficient Windows - 4"
Krasnoyarsk, Kazan', Moscow
September, 7-14, 2004

5. "Building Technologies & Engineering"
"BTE Moscow 2004"
Moscow, SC "Olimpiysky"
November, 10-13, 2004
phone: 007 095 411 52 02
fax: 007 095 411 52 03
e-mail: BTE@ifa-expo.ru